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halfway adj
1 equally distant from the extremes [syn: center(a), middle(a), midway]
2 at a point midway between two extremes; "at the halfway mark"
3 including only half or a portion; "halfway measures" adv : at half the distance; at the middle; "he was halfway down the ladder when he fell" [syn: midway] [also: halfways]

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  1. Half of the way between two points; midway.


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Halfway is the name of several places:
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amidships, average, betwixt and between, center, centermost, central, core, equatorial, equidistant, half, half-and-half, in medias res, in the mean, in the middle, interior, intermediary, intermediate, mean, medial, medially, median, mediocre, mediterranean, medium, mediumly, mesial, mezzo, mezzo-mezzo, mid, middle, middlemost, middling, midland, midmost, midships, midway, nuclear, one-and-a-half, part, partial, partly
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